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Team and Leadership DNA add lasting value

Team and Leadership DNA programmes are unique and powerful approaches for team and leadership development. They blend individual and team profiling with tailored high-level workshop and experiential content carefully selected from Sabre’s extensive repertoire.

We aim to understand the needs of each client, and then by using the Belbin profiles and reports, have valuable diagnostic information from which to identify key areas to work on during the programmes themselves.

The great thing about a Team or Leadership DNA programme is that it builds progressively from individual self-awareness to the dynamics and culture of smaller sub teams, thence to the total team (or indeed the entire department or organization).

Far more sophisticated than just another team building event, these programmes aim to provide lasting value and follow through for each client with evidence based behavioural insights into their individual and collective strengths and weaknesses.

Some recent high-level clients include The United Nations, Zurich and The Department of Education and Training (QLD).

Each year we have been enhancing the inclusions into these programmes and are also delighted to work with experts in the field of emerging neuroscience and its applicability to teams and leaders.

Team DNA and Leadership DNA are Registered Trademarks of Sabre Corporate Development.

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