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Going beyond "classic team building" to obtain lasting value for clients back at work

Classic team building activities (for example one-off games or experiences at off-sites or meetings) can be great, but if you are seeking deeper impact and lasting value then adding some "Team DNA"R is what we recommend. Team DNA R is our trademark for an integrative and heavily tailord process that blends cutting edge behavioural profiles with more sophisticated team building approaches. Programme elements can include…

1. Profiling that works

Powerful insight and lasting value is created from individual and team profiles. We use the Belbin Model, so not only does it actually work, but people can easily use the model and its language back at work to explore personal and team operating styles and behavioural dynamics.

2. Meaningful (and fun) team activities

Unique, fun, engaging and tailored team challenges and / or business games to suit your team, venue and objectives. We have a great range for indoors and outdoors. These can go far beyond the usual team building games to draw out valuable insights to take back to work.

3. Genuine transfer

The power of the profiles and activities that we use provide tremendous learning and transfer opportunities. We design debrief and review content and complexity to suit your needs. Team building activities can be all well and good, but unless people take away actual skills or approaches to deploy for better results at work, then it can turn into an expensive indulgence.

The Belbin Model

We have used the Belbin Model and its profiles and reports successfully since 1989 for team and leadership development with corporate, government, defence, sport and NGO clients. Sabre is also now Distributor for Australia.

Participants complete a self-perception questionnaire, and then invite multiple observers for comprehensive and insightful 360-degree input. This can all be done very easily online.

This generates a wealth of easy to use reports that helps to tailor the content and also enables meaningful post event follow through steps. People discover great insights into their operating styles and those of their workmates.

Our Belbin website features sample reports and a wealth of information on the model and its potential uses to truly take team building to another level.

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