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Pandemic Impacts Team Building Event Delivery Styles

The national and state head offices for many of our favourite team building clients have been severely limited when staging in-person events.

Recently there has been a gradual return to in-person team building workshops and sessions albeit with mostly smaller team sizes. This has now been impacted once more by lockdowns that prevent interstate colleagues joining national events, and even smaller local meetings put on ice.

The disruption to truly national in-person meetings and even small off-sites has seen many clients revert to our purely online or hybrid solutions so as to not exclude their team members from individual and team development solutions.

So even whilst Queensland has had a better time of it during this pandemic in terms of lockdowns (fingers crossed), the impacts are still clear to see on the shape and style of meetings and events. Brisbane team building has been modified in recent times, and these modifications will be in place for a while yet it seems. We can only imagine what will be in store for other major centres like Sydney and Melbourne.

We are fortunate to have a mixture of COVID-Safe in person events, hybrid and purely online solutions. Thus we can help our clients get through the pandemic without having to ditch team development and team building solutions.

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