COVID-Safe Team Building Solutions
Zero contact team building The Quest by Sabre
Social distance team building by Sabre
Zero contact team building by Sabre
Charity team building with social distancing
Team DNA can be a zero contact team build

As events and conferences slowly return, social distancing requirements will still be in place to some extent for a while yet..


With this in mind we have some great 'COVID-Safe'' team building options ready to go. These are adaptations of successful formats, or formats that were already oriented towards minimal or no need for physical proximity and contact.

These quality team building solutions can be staged without people needing to come into excessive physical contact or undue proximity with others.

Whilst social distancing occurs during these events, it does not diminish the quality behavioural interactions and team dynamics unfolding.  

For right now we also have great Online / Remote Team Building Solutions below and also here on the dedicated Online Team Building page.

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Online Team Building Options

‘Online Team Building’ solutions for when the world delays your face to face meetings

Online Team Building: Helping your teams to stay engaged and to learn whilst working remotely


Has working from home become a reality for your team?

Here are two great options, one offering lasting value and insight, the other a bit of morale building fun (both can be delivered together if required).


OPTION 1: Belbin individual and team insights













Belbin has some great online team building tools to help keep your people connected, engaged and developed.


They will also help your team to better understand how to leverage one another’s strengths whilst working remotely (and when they all get back together face to face).


Three simple steps:



Easy to complete online self-perception assessments (with valuable 360 degree feedback also easy to integrate). Results ARE emailed automatically upon completion. We can also create insightful 'Team Reports' that show the chemistry of the team, and 'Working Relationship Reports' that explore the dynamics between two people. Evidence based insight into people and teams that you can work with and explore together online.




Self-guided pre-session tools and workbooks for use during any online team sessions,



Interactive exercises that can be conducted online to engage and connect the team whilst unpacking the tools and exploring how to personalise them for the workplace.

The Famous Team Exercise


The Dream Project Team

Team Circle Exercise

Working Relationship Speed Dating In Pairs Over Virtual Coffee

Online 'Versagility' Games

We can help facilitate the online sessions for you, or quickly get your own internal facilitators or managers up to speed to run them themselves.

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