Team Building - Sport and Crazy Stuff

High energy and fun indoor and outdoor team activity challenges  and adaptations of sporting themes and approaches to suit conference and incentive groups.



Versagility offers a fun and chaotic format for teams to explore their skills and diversity.  


They will demonstrate their "Versatility" and their "Agility" by competing in a wide variety of point winning challenges ranging from the crazy to the outright spectacular.  


The challenges sit in a wide range of categories from complex problem solving tasks to performance, physical feats of skill and tests of business related knowledge and insight.  


Winning teams will need to draw upon myriad Team Role combinations and the diversity of their team to cover as many areas of skill and contribution as possible.



Group Size: 12 and up (suitable for large groups)

Duration: 2 - 3 hours 

Venue: Indoors or Outdoors.  Can make use of your existing meeting space. 

Key Themes: Teamwork, leadership, communication, creativity, innovation, breaking down barriers, time management, team roles and diversity, fun and energetic.

The logo for the Sabre team building concept Versagility
A team in action during the sabre team building concept Versagility


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Big Vinyl Revival


Everything old is new again, consider vinyl records for example.  


This is a team challenge that blends a high energy series of cerebral and physical challenges with some good old-retro vibes and some unique Team DJ action.   


The higher a team scores in the challenges, the better their chances of picking the tunes they need to win the play off / dance off, and not getting stuck with some dubious vinyl from the very back of Nanna’s closet.


What else can make a stunning comeback from the past to bring us joy and utility?  This team challenge can also be used as a vehicle for de-briefing past success and issues to carry ideas forward for future enhancement. 

Going somewhere 'beachy', then how about an old-school beach olympics?

The logo for sabre's beach Olympics team building challenge
Team Building on the beach Gold Coast -

Our Beach Olympics format is tailored to suit the required duration and also group sizes. It can be delivered for small and large groups, but is highly reliant upon local government authority permission to make use of public beach spaces.