Team Building Survivor Style

Survivor is truly the "Grandfather" of all reality TV gameshows, and it can also be a fun theme to parody for a team challenge.​

The Survivor television shows (and their themes of "Outwit" Outplay" Outlast") have arguably been the most popular and long-lasting of the reality TV genre. There's just something entertaining about seeing people compete on deserted islands in weird challenges.


We parody the genre in a fun and entertaining way, but do away with nasty "vote people off" scenarios and the eating of bugs (unless you really want to?).  


We have a massive range of team challenge tasks that suit the Survivor genre whether you find yourself at a tropical island resort venue, or a CBD one.  These are woven into a tailored Survivor style narrative for you complete with Tribal Council to determine the ultimate victors.


The tribe has spoken!


Group Size: 10 and up 

Duration: 2 hour, Half Day and Full Day formats available 

Venue: Usually in the outdoors at Hotel Resort locations, but can be adapted for indoor CBD venues also.  

Key Themes: Teamwork, leadership, team roles, competition, tribal loyalty, breaking the ice, communication, tribal collaboration, entertainment.