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Team Building for Iceland / Reykjavík

Team Building in Iceland with great indoor and outdoor themes by Sabre

Sabre designs some great team building and interactive experiences for iconic locations such as Iceland and Reykjavic.​

In a fascinating and picturesque location such as Iceland and its capital Reykjavic Sabre can tap into many genre such as colourful Viking mythology and the Icelandic Sagas (with our "Viking Saga" concepts) or the cutting edge contemporary arts and entertainment scenes to inspire great team building.


For clients staging conferences, incentives or retreats in Iceland we will be delighted to suggest a range of approaches that can be tailored to suit their needs and will work brillaintly in this destination.


Iceland has served as a spectacular backdrop for everything from the original Norse sagas, to modern Hollywood films.  Let us also make it a backdrop for a memorable team and leadership development experience. 



Team Building with Viking and other themes for Iceland by Sabre
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