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Sample Sabre Team Building Video Clips

Boat Building and Rollerball

Kon Tiki boat challenge and cross-functional team challenge Rollerball.

Fashion Fiasco

Our ever-popular team catwalk / runway challenge. 

Movie and Ad Making

Movie Magic and The Agency are great film based challenges.

Strike Force

Military themed team building with our famous Strike Force event.

The Belbin Team Role Model

What is Belbin?  Why should we use the profiles to help build better teams?

Amazing Race Style

Out and about with Amazing Races and Quests.

What are Belbin Team Roles

What are team Roles?  Why should we use them to help build better teams?

Painting / Art

Create a huge masterpiece as a united team.

Interview with Dr Belbin

Hear about Belbin team Role theory from the man himself, Meredith Belbin.

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