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Painting Team Building Picture Perfect

A team in action to produce a team building masterpiece
art based fun and activity
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Picture Perfect - Art Team Building Event


Picture Perfect is quite simply one of the most effective, memorable and meaningful conference team builds or experiential projects around.  


Each team works initially on small components of the "bigger picture", but to truly create a large and coherant masterpiece teams will need to share information, collaborate and then operate as a total team to produce the desired outcome.  


We have a great range of existing artworks and themes to use as the basis for this challenge, or our designers and artists can create tailored images especially for you to artistically represent your key company themes, issues and brands.


The completed masterpiece is something that the group will be proud of and awed by, when the big unveiling occurs.   These paintings look great on office and boardroom walls as a permanent reminder of what your people can do when they see the bigger picture, collaborate and work together.


Group Size: 5 and up (also suitable for large groups)

Duration: 2 - 3 hours 

Venue: Indoors.  Can make use of your existing meeting space. Easy set up. Great carry on into evening / over dinner for celbratory unveiling of masterpiece. We have delivered this event in Australasia, Asia, Europe, USA and the Middle East.

Key Themes: Teamwork, leadership, Team Roles, communication, cross-functional execution, time management, networking, collaboration, branding, resource management, entertainment.  SEE MORE INFO ON THIS ACTIVITY







Sabre is committed to sustainability and recycling with regards to all event consumables.  For this activity all consumables are sourced and re-used based on being recyclable, re-usable or bio degradable.  Craft and other materials that are un-used or below event standard are also donated to local schools and landcare programmes.







Ask us about our Charity / CSR version of this activity

"Painting a Brighter Future"

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Team building with art by Sabre
This is a wonderful team building for charity option by Sabre.
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