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3 Simple Steps for Team Building That Actually Works

Sabre has a simple 3 Step formula that takes team building beyond simple one-off games and activities to deliver lasting value.  We have used this successfully with corporate, government, education, defence and sporting clients across Australia and world-wide.


STEP 1  - Belbin Profiles

People complete evidence based Belbin Team Role Profiles pre event that deliver detailed individual and team reports on the behavioural strengths and weaknesses of the team.


STEP 2 – Tailored Team DNA Session and Team Activities

Deliver tailored sessions to unpack and explore the profiles, followed by team challenge activities that are fun, yet also make meaningful links to real world outcomes.


STEP 3 – Workplace Follow-Through

Equip people and teams with meaningful insights from their profiles as well as pragmatic tools and techniques to do their own individual and team follow through.



Stand-alone team building games, activities and events are a great way to enliven a meeting or an off-site, but is there really any lasting value?


More often than not, people will quickly revert to the same patterns of behaviour (both good and bad) that existed pre-event once their day to day functional and relationship pressures return.


The most effective way to ensure lasting value for any team building intervention is to make use of evidence based insight into what behavioural strengths and weaknesses actually exist within a team.


We use the Belbin Model to provide accurate and useful feedback on the behaviours that impact the team both individually and collectively.  This enables people to explore and work with the actual strategies that build their teams in a non-threatening way. 


Long after the buzz of a feel-good team build have gone, actual insight into how we and others engage and contribute within the team will continue to add real value to the way the team operates. 


Using team building games and activities stand-alone can be a lot of fun, and boost a conference.  They offer little lasting value though in terms of giving people genuine insight into how to build working relationships and better understand the dynamics of their team and organization.


As opposed to one-off games, using this format makes the fun team building component a more meaningful part of a continuum that is designed to obtain real outcomes for people and teams. 


Contact us to design a tailored programme for you.

Team Building Profiles with Belbin
Fun Team Building that also has a purpose
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