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Melbourne team building options can include great indoor approaches like Picture Perfect, or outdoor themes as required.
Melbourne team building for indoors and outdoors with Sabre
Team building by Sabre in Melbourne

For Corporate - Government - Defence - Education - Sports - NGO clients
in the Melbourne region


Sabre provides great team building options for Melbourne and surrounding areas.   We have been designing and delivering world-class team building solutions since 1988, and design approaches to make the most of Melbourne's unique charms.





Corporate, Government, Education and Defence  team building in Melbourne can integrate some wonderful aspects of this stylish city and business tourism hub.  Sabre creates options that range from serious fun to serious outcomes to suit everything from conferences to longer-term team development.


We have designed and delivered many great team building approaches for Melbourne across 3 decades and so are truly the Melbourne team event experts.  For example, a Melbourne CBD Amazing Race can incorporate the city sights, St Kilda, historic Old Melbourne Gaol, The Eureka Skydeck, Southbank and much more.





Team Building Melbourne with Sabre and their indoor and outdoor activity options
Melbourne team building for indoors and outdoors with Sabre
Team Building Melbourne with the Belbin Team Role Model

Featured Video: Picture Perfect Team Challenge

Featured Video: Fashion Fiasco the catwalk team building challenge

Featured Video: The Belbin Team Roles for individual and team profiles

And there's much more, how about a Melbourne Cup Fashion Fiasco themed fashion show, or a sophisticated indoor business game like Diamonds R4 Ever or "Gruen style" The Agency TV Ad Making or a painting activity like Picture Perfect?  


Team Development vs Team Building


Business and Government clients alike are seeking greater impact and justification from team-based programmes, off-sites and team building events. 


When chasing actual results, it is critical to discriminate between a 'team building' activity that may serve as a one-off event solution, and a true 'team development, programme.


The former can be purely fun and theme based, whereas the latter must address the true team development process from a well thought out and evidence based platform.


Fortunately Sabre can draw from both ends of this spectrum as required to address both team building in the event sense and team development in the true sense of that term.


Leadership Development for Melbourne


Sabre also specialises in designing programmes for leadership teams and to help enhance the leadership development process with both emerging and established leaders.


Behavioural profiling, retreats and sophisticated business games and simulations are blended to explore the impact of leadership behaviours on individuals and teams.


Team Building in Melbourne in the hot summer months.


Melbourne can get hot in summer, and failing to take this into account for summer Melbourne team building can have consequences.  Whilst it seems fine to plan for the event with outdoor elements way out from the day of delivery, on the day itself morale can be sapped by extreme heat. Where there is any doubt about delegate comfort, robustness or safety often an indoor option can be best.. 


Sabre designs and delivers team building solutions to suit major hotel venues in Melbourne such as ...


Melbourne Sheraton


Melbourne Marriott


The Novotel St Kilda


... and many, many more.


We often get to work at some large venues in and around Melbourne such as the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.







Featured Video: What are Team Roles? Behavioural insights for teams.

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