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The neuroscience of teamwork and leadership with the Neuropower model

Neuro Teaming and Leadership

Insights from cutting-edge neuroscience for team, leadership and organisational development.​

Sabre works in partnership with the Neuropower Group who draw upon over 20 years of dedicated research into the application of neuroscience to team, leadership and organisational development.  


The Neuropower Group was founded upon the work of world-renowned researcher, author, speaker and consultant Peter Burow.   They are leaders in the field of applying neuroscience and current insights into the brain to many fields of business and government.


Sabre and Neuropower combine neuroscience, presentations, speakers, master classes, profiling and experiential business games and simulations to achieve powerful results for clients that range from frontline teams to senior leadership teams.





Resilience, leadership and Wellbeing with the Brain in Mind


Using the latest insights from neuroscience to build sustainable corporate performance through employee wellbeing and resilience.




In an environment of constant change, where people are juggling competing priorities and are bombarded with change on a daily basis, leaders must focus on performance, however, must also ensure that their teams are in good physical and mental health if performance is to be sustainable.


A key priority in creating a healthy, productive and positive workforce is making sure individuals have the ability to internalise control, make values based decisions and build greater connections with the people around them.


Recent findings in neuroscience have helped us really understand how the brain responds to change which has a profound impact on wellbeing and how people lead themselves and others, not only for the most significant of changes but even for the simplest of daily tasks.


Program Overview


This session introduces participants to the RELISH method, which explores the six key breakthroughs in neuroscience (known as the Six Needs of the Social Brain) that drive human behaviour.


It explains why some people are more resilient than others, and provides a practical, step-by-step tool for building personal and team resilience.




Talan Miller – Founder and Managing Director of Sabre Corporate Development. Has designed and delivered team and leadership development programmes with teams and leaders (including SLT’s) from numerous major international corporate, government and defence clients. Solutions range from experiential / business simulations to leadership academy level programmes.


Peter Burow – Founder and Managing Director of Neuropower.

An expert in neuroscience as it relates to individual and commercial leadership development, creator of the RELISH and Neuropower frameworks for applying current neuroscience to individual, team and leadership development. Accomplished facilitator, consultant and presenter to many senior leadership teams.


Session Objectives


The key objective of this session is for participants to take their current knowledge and skills regarding resilience to the next level through an understanding of the Six Needs of the Social Brain.


With an emphasis on practical experience and understanding, participants will learn how to apply this insight to ensure that the way they are managing themselves and others are meeting these brain-based needs and implicit psychological expectations.


Target Audience


Individual Leaders and teams looking to maximise their effectiveness during turbulent times both at work and beyond.




Upon completion of the program, participants will be able to:


Identify why some resilience approaches work more effectively than others; More accurately understand and satisfy the brain based needs of individuals and teams; Deliver more effective and consistent results by following a proven six-step methodology that aligns with brain function.

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