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Fashion Themed Team Building Options

Fashion is a great genre for team building as the fashion industry is all about creativity, innovation, and competition.​  It's also a fun and engaging way to address a host of team and leadership issues and themes. Our Fashion Fiasco and Diamonds R4 Ever approaches are truly in a class of their own.

An image of a team during a fashion based team building event by Sabre
Image of catwalk team building with Sabre
Catwalk team building challenge by Sabre
team building events with a fashion theme
Teams make their own outfits for team building
Fashion Fiasco


Fashion Fiasco gives every team the opportunity to become their own elite "Fashion Label" and to lead the pack.   Teams select their own model, outfit design and then manufacture creative catwalk outfits before choreographing and staging a top level "Catwalk / Runway" show.


Plenty of laughter and memories, but also some meaningful creatvity and business acumen to design the right looks, brands and of course execute what a complex real time project.


Great stand-alone or as an "over dinner" experience.  


Group Size: 15 and up (suitable for large groups)

Duration: 2 - 3 hours 

Venue: Indoors.  Can make use of your existing meeting space. Great carry on into evening / over dinner catwalk show.

Key Themes: Teamwork, leadership, communication, creativity, innovation, breaking down barriers, time management, cross-functional collaboration, branding, marketing, resource management, entertainment.





Sabre is committed to sustainability and recycling with regards to all event consumables.  For this activity all consumables are sourced and re-used based on being recyclable, re-usable or bio degradable.  Craft and other materials that are un-used or below event standard are also donated to local schools and landcare programmes.

Diamonds R4 Ever


Diamonds R4 Ever is a fast-paced indoor business game where each team becomes a high-flying international Jewellery firm seeking to win by generating the most profit.


Information and negotiation are crucial factors in the game.  You also need to understand the market, your clients and see the bigger picture of an overall winning strategy over and above many tempting short term gains.  


This is a great game to get people up and networking as well as 'wheeling and dealing' whilst taking away useful insights into siezing opportunties and remaining profitable in a  competitive and rapidly changing marketplace. 


Group Size: 12 and up (suitable for large groups)

Duration: 2 hours 

Venue: Indoors.  Can make use of your existing meeting space. 

Key Themes: Networking, Negotiation, Power of information,  Teamwork, leadership, communication, creativity, innovation, breaking down barriers, time management, entertainment.



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