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Making movies is a great way to deliver a fun team building event.
Movie magic is a great team building activity where teams make their very own movies.

Movie Magic Team Building Challenge


Lights... Cue Sound Effects... Roll camera...and ACTION! 


The event that gives your teams the chance to bring their own brand of magic to the big screen.  Teams are challenged to write, direct and produce their own versions of some of Hollywood’s great genres from the Superhero Blockbusters and Spy Thrillers to Cowboy Classics and Chick Flicks. 


These films will not only provide a lasting memory of the event and some great entertainment but can also be used to summarise key company and conference themes.


Each team will become their very own Studio and will be issued with an amazing array of costumes, props, make up, state of the art technical equipment (e.g. cameras, ipods, speakers, lighting etc) along with detailed manuals and training workshops for all aspects of the film making art (e.g. script writing, story boards, make up etc).


Team members will become the stars of the show along with needing to cover off all aspects of production including Directing, Filming, Sound, Lighting, Costume, make Up, Location Scouting, Scripting, Story Boarding etc.   Equally important is the training support provided, with experienced staff always on hand to assist and advise.  This is the crucial part of the event as prior planning and training ensures that the teams can develop logical and sequential filming schedules, editing in camera to create entertaining and coherent films.


Planning, scripting, skill upgrading and rehearsing soon give way to on-location shooting as the creative juices really start to flow. 


 Once films are “in the can” team members can prepare themselves for a special viewing where their own blockbusters will hit the silver screen.  Teams can arrive to dinner via the Red Carpet where the stars are interviewed before the screening of the films over dinner. Once the films have all been shown it is tome for the presentation of the coveted Golden Gnome Awards.


Far more than just a fun afternoon, Movie Magic will give your team the opportunity to practice project management skills, to appreciate the importance of varied team roles and how those roles come together to create balanced and effective teams and outcomes.

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