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$10 000 worth of Hay Bales donated for drought relief by team building client

Sabre has been privileged to facilitate team building for the wonderful folks at LabWare that saw the event donate $10 000 worth of hay bales (that’s at least 500 bales) to rural drought relief.

Many organisations make the right noises when it comes to CSR, but it’s not often that you see a client significantly “put their money where their mouth is” to this extent.

The group of 170 high performers were on the Gold Coast in the capable hands of Suzanne from Event Management for a conference at Sea World Resort, and Sabre was engaged to design and deliver a team building challenge within the Sea World theme park. We work in close partnership with Sea World and Movie World to deliver theme park team building solutions.

A central component of the challenge was linking the donation of the hay bales to rural drought relief via a sophisticated ‘Quest Challenge’ that was tailored to incorporate coded locations for ‘Bale Vouchers’.

At the conclusion of a very well executed Quest Challenge the winning teams were announced and had the honour of donating the lion’s share of the bales in their name.

This is a wonderful example of how teams can leave a genuinely lasting legacy from a team building session. Thanks to the great people of LabWare some struggling farmers will now be aided in their own Quest to see out the big drought.

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