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Can AI ever truly replace the Human / Keyman? Human teams still drive technology.

Can AI ever truly replace the human?

Can AI ever truly replace the Human / Keyman? The chaos at Open AI point to the fact that human teams still sit behind even the most cutting edge tech.

The chaos unfolding today at Open AI and the firing of Sam Altman as CEO just goes to show, and he said it himself, that even with AI in the game it still all comes down to people, teams and the decisions made by humans.

In an era dominated by AI, the question of whether machines can replace human leaders is often debated. While AI excels in data analysis, the essence of effective leadership—inspiration—is uniquely human.

We have used Belbin reports with many tech clients for exactly this reason, it’s ‘human technology’ for driving the teams behind the technology.

AI lacks emotional intelligence, intuition, and the ability to connect with and motivate individuals on a personal level. Human leaders foster creativity, encouraging innovative thinking beyond AI's computational capabilities.

Apparently 700 of the 770 or so employees at OpenAI have threatened to walk with their fired CEO? A very human crisis it seems.

In times of crisis, human leaders provide resilience, adaptability, and emotional support, aspects AI cannot emulate. Trust, a cornerstone of leadership, is built on human relationships, shared experiences, and a deep understanding—qualities inherently absent in AI.

Despite AI's transformative impact, the enduring value of human leadership lies in inspiration, creativity, emotional intelligence, and trust, elements that remain irreplaceable in our evolving technological landscape.

Can AI ever truly replace the human?

Humans and tools for humans like Belbin and our Sabre approaches, that genuinely help leaders and teams, are here to stay for a bit longer it seems :)


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