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The Squid Trials? A surreal day of team building on the Gold Coast.

Who’d have thought that Korean pop-culture could influence Australian team building? It did for a client of ours at Sirromet on the Gold Coast recently.

It's The Squid Trials, and definitely not Squid Game. This is much safer and much more fun.

Reality TV shows can be brutal these days (some more than others) but we have always liked to put a much safer, team-based and fun twist on these reality TV genre parodies, such as the Amazing Race.

When the show ‘Squid Game’ that features a brutal reality game screened on Netflix we thought it might only be a matter of time until a client asked us for a tongue in cheek parody of that format as well. And we were right.

So how do you take such a brutal format and turn a parody of it into a 'not this' - 'but this' non-lethal team experience that’s more fun than shock? Lots of humour and proven activity formats is the answer.

We were able to craft proven team building techniques with a humorous parody to tap into the ‘what's hot right now’ aspects of pop-culture being sought by the client whilst retaining good taste and the integrity of the process.

We enjoy maintaining our organic capability to tailor team building sessions for clients, and providing we can satisfy standards for OHS and good taste, we can create all sorts of formats.


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