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Team and Leadership Programmes for Schools

This week Sabre has designed and delivered quality team and leadership development programmes for over 500 students from three different schools.

We blend tailored activity content that re-enforces curriculum (for example Roman or Medieval History as well as S.T.E.M). We can also integrate tailored workshops using individual Belbin team and leadership profiles for exploring student strengths and behavioural styles.

This allows students to experience exciting and cutting-edge experiential learning content as we would use with corporate, government and defence clients. We naturally tailor this carefully to suit the relevant year levels.

The individual Belbin profiles and interactive workshop sessions then allow students to gain genuine insights into their preferred behavioural strengths and styles. Depending upon their year level, these profiles can enable better understanding and lasting value for their performance at school, or offer valuable ways to articulate and develop strengths as they head into the workforce or higher education.

These sessions powerfully illustrate the power of diversity in teamwork as well as enabling better inter-personal relationships. Building confidence and imparting real take-away skills is also a beneficial outcome from these programmes.


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