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Belbin Team Roles for Team Building and Development

The Belbin Team Role Model is widely regarded as the most insightful profiling tool for team building and leadership development in a business context.

Leaders and team members seeking to better understand how their strengths and weaknesses contribute to real-world business outcomes derive great value from even the most basic Belbin profile. When high-level facilitation, team reports and sophisticated simulations are added to this, you have a powerful formula indeed for useful outcomes.

Belbin's 9 major clusters of behaviour arose from in-depth research that has been ongoing and unparalleled in its effectiveness since 1978. The model stands alone for being able to assure genuine uptake and carry through into real-world business scenarios, as that is exactly what it was designed to do.

Unlike many other models that purport to measure myriad aspects of personality, (many quite irrelevant to a business context), the Belbin Team Role Model was designed almost entirely to measure and work with workplace team and leadership behaviours. It's uncanny ability to capture behavioural traits in such a succinct and pragmatic way has made it useful in other realms also. This is a testimony to the work of Dr Meredith Belbin.

In our client work we have been exposed to and used virtually all of the well-known process tools, profiles and models (amongst them being DISC, MBTI, LSI, TMS, HBDI and numerous others). Having been uniquely placed to make genuine comparisons with the client uptake and ongoing usefulness of various tools, Belbin is the Model that we are most confident to stake our professional reputation upon.

We just have confidence that it works, and reliably delivers the results that clients seek. If you'd like to know more why not send us an email or give us a call?

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