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Belbin Team Role Profiling and Team Reports

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Belbin Team Role Profiling and Team Reports are the most reliable tools that can be deployed to help teams understand their current strengths, weaknesses and opportunties to develop.

We have used the model for corporate, government, association, sporting and defence clients to assist with everything from personal development and leadership academies to team alignment, conflict resolution and as an aid to team building.

The Belbin Model enables the 9 major clusters of behaviour that occur within all teams to be accurately assessed and worked with to enahnce daily planning, decision-making and execution.

A Belbin Team Role Profile is based not just on a person's own perception of how they operate via a "Self Perception Inventory", but it also adds 4 or more "Observers" who work with that person to offer genuine 360 degree insights.

Self reporting alone can offer limited insight, and by adding credible Observers, a person can learn a great deal about how their behaviour contributes to and impacts their team. This can be very useful information indeed for both team members and leaders alike.

These inputs enable a number of reports to be generated including "Team Reports" that offer incredibly valuable insights into the overall "chemistry" of the team, as well as "Working Relationship Reports" on pairs of team members.

Belbin provides a common language and non-threatening bridge to better understanding within teams. In Belbin's words "Nobody is Perfect, But A Good Team Can Be".

Sabre has been using Belbin since 1989, and now as a "Regional Representative" can also formally Accredit others in the Model (a globally recognised certification).

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