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Team Building in Rome

The old maxim "When in Rome do as the Roman's do" can also be true for key business lessons that may be drawn from the strengths and successes of the Roman Empire.

There are also some great lessons to be learned from some of their weaknesses.

The dynamism, colour and expansive conquests of the Roman Empire still serve as a great example for growth, teamwork and leadership in a changing world.

The Sabre business game / business simulation "When in Rome" was designed as a fun and engaging experience to explore a wide variety of team, leadership and business themes. It's also sophisticated enough to be deployed in support of learning and development processes for leaders.

Sabre even had the pleasure of delivering one of these games in Rome for the global leadership team from US based client Aptar at the Sofitel Villa Broghese. It was a rewarding experience indeed to deliver this business game that is based on Roman history literally in the heart of Rome itself.

Often history can provide a rich and highly relevant source of lessons and insights for current day teams and leaders, the game "When in Rome" does this in a fun way as teams don Togas and compete to build profitable and stable empires of their own.

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