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Partnership with the Leukaemia Foundation

Sabre and Belbin have just delivered a full-day team development programme for the wonderful management and staff of the Leukaemia Foundation, and entered into a partnership to help raise corporate awareness and advocacy.

The programme to help celebrate the launch of the partnership incorporated Belbin Team Role Profiles and Reports, Team DNA sessions and the major team challenge project “Picture Perfect”.

It was a wonderful opportunity to support the great work that these guys do to support the search for a cure, and to care for people who are being impacted by the disease.

Sabre and The Leukaemia Foundation have entered into a CSR partnership whereby corporate clients can easily support the Foundation's work via existing Sabre programmes, and also via special events we have designed to support specific initiatives of the Foundation.

Existing Sabre clients can now also elect to have a percentage of any Sabre event donated directly to the Foundation to assist with their work in general, or to a number of specific programmes and initiatives.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Leukaemia Foundation partnership and special events that we are planning with them.

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