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Sabre donates rare 'Stormin Norman" Gulf War helmet to local museum.

Sabre was fortunate to be associated with General H Norman Schwarzkopf during his visit to Australia as his major sponsor.

He was one of the 20th centuries great military leaders and is most famous for his role as the charasmatic commander of Operation Desert Storm.

His ability to draw upon not just his considerable military skills, but also his cultural and diplomatic capabilities to maintain a diverse international coalition was a hallmark of his versatile leadership style.

During the time we spent with him we found him to be a truly impressive man possessing a remarkable measure of both IQ and EQ. We found him to be a very warm and likeable man.

After his sad passing last year it occured to us that it would be nice for more people to be able to see one of the signed Gulf War helmets that he so graciously signed for us.

We have recently donated one of these to the Gold Coast War Museum (that has an extensive display of artefacts from ancient times to present conflicts) so that the legacy of Stormin Norman and his leadership can be even better remembered.


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