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NBN do some team building at the famous MCG

It was a genuine thrill for the Cricket fans amongst the Sabre team to deliver an event at the famous MCG for NBN.

The event format selected to help capture and develop key business themes and issues from the off-site business meeting was “The Agency” whereby small teams are tasked with making their own short Television Commercials.

Skills workshops are conducted as teams are issued with camera and sound equipment, costumes, make-up and props before undertaking detailed script and storyboard work.

Teams need to skillfully blend business messages into a creative and entertaining format during what is quite a challenging real-time project.

The NBN teams managed their time very effectively to deliver intelligent and relevant messages that encapsulated the challenges and opportunities being explored at their meeting.

Several key internal and external themes had to be carefully addressed by each team, and there were also some tricky rules around what couldn’t be used to ensure that genuine innovation was also a focus.

The MCG provided a quite unique an amazing backdrop for a film making team building challenge, with teams needing to make creative use of various locations to deal with the allotted themes for their short films / ads. It can be quite a spooky place when the stands are empty and you are the only folks to be seen.

Surrounded by Australian sporting history, it was pleasure to help the great folks from NBN to explore the innovative ways they’ll be creating Australian telecommunications history.

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