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Battlespace business game for Baker's Delight

Battlespace is a sophisticated business game / team development experience that has a lively and engaging military theme.

It was designed by Sabre’s former military team members to replicate some of the complexity and cross-functional interaction of a senior level military command decision-making team.

This session is also carefully placed into a meaningful business-related context to enable effective military approaches to decision-making to be cherry picked and related to the client’s aims and objectives. Lessons learned are clearly related to real business issues and performance.

Recently at the Gold Coast Sofitel we had the opportunity to put some leadership teams from Baker’s Delight through their paces, and they passed with flying colours.

We also find it useful to reference Belbin Team Role theory in tandem with this game, this meaningfully addresses the behavioural strengths, weaknesses and biases that may occur when a leadership team is placed under pressure.

By identifying strengths and weaknesses in a simulation, targeted de-brief can enable lessons learned to be gained in an environment that is relevant to the business, yet consequence free for the business.

Battlespace sits amongst our best business games and simulations for delivering clear insight and lasting value for the team development process.

Whilst it has plenty of fun elements such as a comedic surprise commando introduction, cammo uniforms and dog tags etc, it’s aim to is to take some of the best from the military and relate it in a memorable way to the workplace.

Such experiences need to transcend the stereotypical team building approaches (such as Amazing Races and string and bucket games) to provide credible challenges for experienced senior people that mirror workplace complexity.

This premium team building game has great applications for conference team building, and also for more substantial team and leadership development.

Sabre is delighted to offer this and many other approaches to our clients and to be able to tailor all such team building in a truly innovative and meaningful way for all forms of team from factory floor to the C Suite.

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