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Belbin and Picture Perfect

Belbin paired with Picture Perfect is a powerful team building combination.

Sabre’s ‘Picture Perfect’ painting challenge pairs very nicely with a Belbin Team Roles workshop to deliver fun and lasting value that can be taken back to the workplace.

Individual and team Belbin reports offer solid and evidence-based insight into a team’s strengths and weaknesses. The ‘Picture Perfect’ team challenge then follows on as a sophisticated cross-functional task to bring Belbin’s team behaviours to life.

‘Picture Perfect’ is not a simple sip and paint, rather it is a complex team exercise that requires the use limited information, collaboration and communication cross-functionally to create one single masterpiece from many parts. The end result is a ‘wow factor’ that can also be displayed back at work as a reminder of what the team can achieve together.

The Belbin Model and its reports are used globally by corporate, government, defence and education clients to develop people, teams and leaders. Adding them to any team building session delivers genuine insight and take-away vale for a team.

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