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Belbin Profiles and Reports offer outstanding value for money in tough times

Belbin’s highly effective individual profiles cost only $23 - $83 Aud per person (depending upon the quantity ordered) which makes them excellent value for money.

The quality, credibility and depth of impact that can be obtained with Belbin is truly disproportionate to their low cost.

The ease of access and lower cost originates with the philosophy of accessibility established by the creator of the Model Dr Meredith Belbin. Making the Model easy to use and accessible matters a great deal to the Belbin team.

In a post-pandemic environment where organisations will be expected to achieve more with less, quality, ease of access and value for money are of paramount importance. Belbin prides itself on being able to achieve all three.

Value for Money

Ranging from $23 - $83 per profile, and with many free resources on tap, an in-house Belbin Workshop can be incredibly cost-effective to deliver.

Easy to use / ease of access

Simple to set up, and simple to de-brief. Virtually any user can obtain depth of insight from a Belbin profile and the reports without the de-brief and interpretation needing to turn into a ‘consultant’s feast’ of follow up sessions. An accredited consultant (internal or external) can of course add great value with follow-through when it is required.


For over three decades the Model and its tools have been researched, refined and proven with corporate, government, defence and education clients world-wide (and in many languages). Belbin gets results.

Belbin can also help organisations to ‘do it themselves’ by training or formally accrediting (not mandatory to use the Model) an internal champion or two. These people can make quality use of the model in-house for maximum impact for minimal outlay.

Sabre is sole Belbin Distributor for Australia and also runs Belbin Australia, so to find out more feel free to give us a call on 1300 731 381 or email . Our Belbin website is at .


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