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Sabre has now been in business for over 35 Years

As 2024 unfolds it begins to sink in that it has been over 35 years since we ran our very first team building events, and we are still hard at it.  We must be doing something right.


We have run events and programmes for corporate, government defence, NGO and education clients all over Australia and the world in many fascinating places.  Over the years we have evolved and adapted many new approaches and have become the Sole Belbin Distributor for Australia.


Our future remains just as exciting as the next generation of Sabre team members start to make their mark on our energy, expertise and growth.  Children of the owners and long-term team members are now young adults and some work as event managers and facilitators. 


It’s a special time to see Sabre become a mature and sophisticated provider, yet remain a family-owned Australian business.  It was never our aim to become a large, unwieldy and impersonal organisation, but to retain our energy, sincerity, uniqueness, creativity and soul.  We’ve been fortunate to maintain our winning formula in this regard.


We look forward to many more years of designing and delivering great solutions for our clients here and overseas.


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