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Team Building Events for Charity and CSR

Team building for charity

Team Building Events for Charity and CSR can help leave a lasting legacy and build team engagement.

Giving back to the community with a team building event thrown in as a bonus is increasing in popularity.

Sabre has been actively supporting charities and creating charity-based team building concepts since the 90’s. We now have a great range of themed event options that enable a meaningful legacy to be left from business conferences and events.

Our most popular charity team builds currently are:

TEAM TOY STORY: Teams initially compete in a wide range of Quest style team challenges to earn budgets. The big reveal is that budgets will be used at toy auctions held around the meeting room with toys boxed and immediately shipped to a range of worthy kid’s charities.

STREET SURVIVORS: With homelessness and more particularly rough sleeping at all time high, charities supporting the homeless are under unprecedented pressure. This concept starts as a Survivor parody that ends with shelter and useful items donated to charities.

GLOBAL ECO CHALLENGE: Climate change and the protection of eco-systems looms large for many these days, and this team challenge enables teams to compete in eco-themed tasks that are linked to donations for local wildlife charities.

WHOSE BIKE IS THIS ANYWAY ?: Whilst this concept of building kids bikes for charity has been a little overdone now, there are still some worthy charities that can put bikes to good use. We can link the bike building to many of our best team event styles as required.

In addition to the obvious benefits to the community, large organisations now need to engage and retain Millennial and Gen Z employees, who demand greater awareness of social issues.

Combining team building with charitable and community outcomes assists with this engagement and retention process as people see a deeper meaning to the team building sessions.

To see more about how Sabre can tailor a team event to deliver charitable and community outcomes get in touch with us:

T – 1300 731 381


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