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The Junior Olympics. Behavioural awareness and experiential learning for Primary Schools.

Sabre has worked with major business, corporate, government, defence and sports clients world-wide. We also work with schools.

We design approaches for Admin, Teachers and Students at both Primary and Secondary level.

This programme is helping Primary School children to grasp the basics of behavioural awareness and diversity within teams. We use an engaging Olympic theme to convey the activity content.

The activity content allows them to put the behavioural approaches into fun and engaging practice.

The opening session is anchored in evidence-based Team Role theory (the Belbin Model). We simplify the more complex adult model into an approachable exposure to Thinking, Action and Social clusters of behaviour.

Discussions about practical application of the theory then lead to a rotation through hand-picked activity content. This is matched to the appropriate year level and also the available facilities.

Applying well-known and proven approaches to behavioural awareness, and team building to younger people works very well when it is carefully pitched at the right level.

Sabre has a number of highly experienced teaching professionals who can match our depth and expertise to schools for lasting impact that fits curriculum.


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