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Unleashing the Power of Team Building Events on the Gold Coast

We love delivering team building events on the Gold Coast for our clients as this has been our hometown since 1988.

Recently we have delivered some great out and about team activities such as the Surfers Paradise Quest or Amazing Race as well as loads of sophisticated indoor options such as our Picture Perfect painting challenge or business games like Battlespace.

The Gold Coast is a popular destination for team building activities due to its stunning natural beauty, vibrant culture, and excellent range of facilities and attractions. With its perfect year-round weather, it is an ideal location for outdoor activities, and there is an extensive range of options available to suit every type of team building program.

One of the biggest advantages of the Gold Coast as a team building location is the wide variety of activities available. Sabre has everything from indoor business games to out and about Amazing Race style activities. The Gold Coast is also home to some of Australia's most iconic theme parks, including Movie World and Sea World, making it an ideal destination for thrill-seeking teams looking to let off some steam and have some fun. Sabre is the team building partner for Village Roadshow Theme Parks.

Another factor that makes the Gold Coast an excellent location for team building is its world-class conference facilities. With a range of meeting rooms, conference halls, and breakout spaces, the Gold Coast has everything needed to host successful corporate events, team building programs, and business conferences. The region is also home to some of Australia's most luxurious resorts and hotels, offering a range of accommodation options to suit every budget and preference.

The Gold Coast is also an incredibly diverse cultural destination, offering teams the chance to explore a range of unique experiences and attractions. From the vibrant nightlife and foodie scene of Surfers Paradise to the tranquil beauty of the Gold Coast hinterland, there is something for everyone on the Gold Coast. This diversity allows teams to discover new perspectives and connect with one another on a deeper level, strengthening bonds and improving communication within the group.

Finally, the Gold Coast's location in Queensland, Australia's second-most populous state, makes it a convenient destination for both domestic and international teams. With its well-connected airports and easy access to major highways, the Gold Coast is a convenient and hassle-free location for team building events.

In conclusion, the Gold Coast's combination of natural beauty, diverse cultural attractions, world-class facilities, and convenient location make it an ideal destination for team building activities. Whether teams are looking for adventure, relaxation, or team-building exercises, the Gold Coast has something to offer for every group.


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