Team Building Brisbane - TOP 5

Top 5 Team Building for Brisbane

We found it hard to keep it to a 'Top 5'  so here's a quick 'Top 10'


Top 5 Team Building for Brisbane

The Top 5 Team Building Activities for Brisbane



Brisbane is a friendly and diverse destination for team building activities of all styles.


The CBD and surrounding areas are large enough to have a sophisticated city vibe, yet small and intimate enough to retain a small country town charm that’s somewhat unique to Brisbane as an Australian State capital.  It's a great place to meet.


As for designing and delivering team building events for Brisbane, well there’s really so many event styles and formats that can suit, but to pick the recent “Top 5” was quite a tricky task.


Client’s can choose from a great mix of indoor and outdoor challenges, and the current Top 5 is a reflection of this.


1 - The Brisbane Quest


Whilst having the “out and about” elements of an Amazing Race style of team build the Quest is more sophisticated and just not as clichéd as the reality TV knock-offs (although we do have those as well if you prefer them). 


Brisbane CBD and by extension also the South Bank and Museum precincts, can be perfect locations to site team challenges and tasks of myriad styles as part of a Quest.  We have also designed Quests to incorporate Fortitude Valley and West End. 

2 - Picture Perfect


This is a team building approach oriented towards a common outcome and cross-functional collaboration.  Simply one of the best indoor conference activities there is, it can work in virtually any Brisbane meeting venue. 


Whilst painting is the medium, you don’t have to be a Picasso to make it work, it’s more about collaboration, communication and seeing the ‘bigger picture’ together.   The completed masterpiece is a lasting reminder of what the team can do when they pull together, and looks great on office and boardroom walls.

3 - The Agency

Making your own TV Ads, short films and versions of famous movies can be a lot of laughs, and also a bit of a ‘Trojan Horse’ for injecting key business themes and issues.  


As a team building option for Brisbane, it’s also well suited to the Brisbane environment where novel locations in which to film simply abound.  Using your Brisbane hotel or conference venue as the base, teams head out to make their scripts and story boards become a reality in a real time project that will be remembered for years.

4 - Team DNA / Leadership DNA


This format actually transcends the usual team building approaches by making use of behavioural profiles and tailored workshops as a prelude to any activity. 


We use the Belbin Team Role Model for its individual and team reports that give great insight into a team’s strengths and weaknesses.  If you are looking for team building in Brisbane that gives truly lasting value, this is the one to pick.

5 - Battlespace



This is a sophisticated indoor business game with a military theme that can impart tremendous insight to any team about how they operate.  It can work well stand alone, or in tandem with our Team DNA approach h to add greater depth and insight. 


As a potential team building solution for Brisbane, it is easy to deploy this activity in any hotel or venue conference room.   Teams need to operate cross-functionally as a command decision-making team to make optimal and profitable use of time, resources and their people to win.


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Team DNA - Taking Teams and Leaders Forward 


We combine cutting-edge team role theory and individual profiles, pragmatic facilitation and memorable action learning to deliver great results for each client. We have worked with project teams, business unit teams, management teams, graduates and senior leadership teams to help them... 

Better understand self and others

Enhance tolerance for other operating styles and build psychological safety

Maximise team strengths and minimise team weaknesses

Make better decisions and enhance daily execution

Take teams and organisations forward 

Improve Business Performance

Team DNA is made up of the unique behavioural clusters that all of us project when working with others. The way we contribute, interrelate and behave is based on a lifetime of unique experience, role learning and personality that equips us with the mix of Team DNA that we use.


Knowing our individual and collective Team DNA helps people and teams understand their strengths and weaknesses, make better decisions, avoid unnecessary friction and perform better 



Participants complete their individual profiles and 360 degree observations online pre programme. 

Participants complete their own online profile

and can then invite numerous observers from the workplace to offer 360 style feedback to create a complete individual profile (with up to 8 insightful reports on their unique operating style). 



We analyse the profiles and compiles reports.

We analyse these profiles and can easily create detailed team combination reports for the total team
and / or any nominated sub teams or working relationships within the team. These are carefully interpreted in the context of the brief we have received from the client and their desired outcomes. Profile data will reveal to us the Team Role balances and imbalances that may exist thus will influence the way we will frame and deliver the programme to suit the team. 



Delivery of programme blending presentations, workshops and team events.

We integrate relevant observations from the data into our presentation components, interactive sessions and team challenge activities so that meaningful transfer is made to real world. We deliver the appropriate programme for participants to individually and collectively personalise and transfer insights to pragmatic application. People see first-hand the impact of their behaviour on others, and the impact that others have on them with the aim of making the team operate even better at work. “Teams and organisations tend to succeed or fail one relationship at a time!” 



Targeted follow through back at work post programme.


Strategies can be discussed and agreed upon for post programme milestones for follow through reviews and appropriate re visiting (either self-driven or externally facilitated). 



Belbin Team Roles is the language of teams, enabling individuals to be able to project and talk about their behavioural strengths in a productive, safe and non-confrontational way.

By using Belbin, individuals have a greater self-understanding of their strengths, which leads to more effective communication between colleagues and managers. Great teams can be put together, existing teams can be understood and improved, and everyone can feel that they are making a difference in the workplace. 

It also works effectively with leadership and management development, conflict resolution, recruitment, career development, employee engagement and coaching.


Belbin's 9 Team Roles

Research showed that the most successful teams were made up of a diverse mix of behaviours; they had access to all nine Belbin Team Roles.


This doesn't mean that every team requires nine people! Most people will have two or three Team Roles that they are most comfortable with.

There are no good or bad Team Roles. Each Team Role has it's strengths and weaknesses, and each has equal importance. However, not all are required at the same time - it is important to first look at the team objectives, and work out which tasks need to be undertaken. Once this has been done, discussions can take place regarding which and when each Team Role behaviour should be utilised.

None of this is possible without an individual completing a Belbin Self-Perception Inventory and asking for feedback from their colleagues. The Belbin Report that is produced will help pin-point individual strengths to communicate and share with the rest of the team.