Team Building Sydney - TOP 5

TOP 5 Team Building Ideas for SYDNEY (plus 5 more)

The Top 5 Team Building Activities for Sydney



Sydney is a bustling and diverse city with many great team building locations.  It is such a large and cosmopolitan tier 1 city that so many different styles of team building can be deployed from the CBD, to Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains.


Over the years we have designed and delivered indoor and outdoor approaches for major hotel conference venues and niche venues alike.  There are so many options to select from that it has actually been quite difficult to narrow down the Top 5 Team Building options based on current client demand. 


Our present Top 5 reflects a range of tastes for both indoor and outdoor event options.


1 - The Sydney Quest


The Quest is one of our most versatile approaches and whilst it has many of the 'out and about' features of An Amazing Race, it's far more sophisticated and less cliched than what has become a somewhat over-used genre.  Of course we do have those options for some client briefs where that format may suit.  The Sydney Quest can be tailored to incorporate many of the major attractions and features of whatever part of the town you find yourself in.  In the past we have incorporated Luna Park, The Rocks, The CBD, Manly, Parramatta and the famous Blue Mountains.  As a team building idea for Sydney, The Quest can be designed to take you where you wnat to go with great team challenges and tasks that suit your aims and objectives.  


2 - Picture Perfect


Picture Perfect is a great indoor team building activity for Sydney as it can be easily deployed at virtually any conference / meeting venue and make use of your existing meeting space.  You don't have to be an artist to create a great image here, as whilst painting is the medium for the challenge, it's far more about communication, collaboration and teamwork to create a united outcome than real painting skills.  The masterpiece that results from this challenge (either selected from a bank of great images we have in stock, or one created to illustrate your brands, products and people) will look great on the office wall as a permanent reminder of what can be achieved when we all see the "bigger picture" and play a part in it.  


3 - The Agency


To see a team writing and producing their very own TV commercials or short films is quite an amazing thing to behold.  The Agency offers a great format to incorporate not just key company themes and issues, but also a massively enjoyable opportunity for people to let their hair down and have some fun.  As a team building option for Sydney this format can make excellent use of the major landmarks and attractions as locations.  With skills workshops, cameras, costumes and major props all provided teams can get out and about and have some truly creative fun.


4 - Team DNA / Leadership DNA


The phrase 'team building' gets thrown around with somewhat reckless abandon these days, but Team DNA is the real thing in terms of tackling the actual team development process.  We use behavioural profiles and team reports to get to the very centre of what drives the team at its best and also in its areas of struggle.  The Belbin Team Role Model and hand-picked experiential challenges help make this engaging and memorable whilst delivering lasting value and insight for individuals and teams.  For Sydney based clients this transcends the simply stereotypical team building to deliver true team development solutions.


5 - Battlespace


Battlespace is a sophisticated indoor business game that has a military theme.   It can impart tremendous insight to any team about how they operate.  It can work well stand alone, or in tandem with our Team DNA approach to add greater depth and insight.  As a potential team building solution for Sydney, it is easy to deploy this activity in any hotel or venue conference room.   Teams need to operate cross-functionally as a command decision-making team to make optimal and profitable use of time, resources and their people to win.


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