Team Building and Development

options and ideas for Canberra and the ACT


Corporate - Government - Defence - Education - Sport - NGO

There are plenty of options for great team building activities as well as serious team and leadership development programmes in and around Canberra and the ACT.  We design for Government, Corporate and NGO clients in Canberra.  

Canberra offers a wealth of beautiful outdoor and indoor locations for great team building and development programmes and activities.


Government and NGO clients seeking meaningful team and leadership development that can also be fun and engaging are easily served by our many ideas and approaches. 





The Nation's Capital has more than just Museum's to take in and enjoy, and Sabre enjoys making the most of every destination that we work in whether you are based there, or just visiting as part of a conference.


Getting outdoors can be a lot of fun, but if the Canberra winter chills are in effect, then indoor options are something that Sabre has no shortage of either.  


Teams can get out and about with an Amazing Race or a Kon Tiki Challenge use indoor venues for approaches such as Picture Perfect, Battlespace or Diamonds R4 Ever.



Featured Video: Picture Perfect cross-functional challenge

Featured Video: The Belbin Team Role Model