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Team Building Rome

Rome Team Building with the business game that has a Roman them by Sabre

Team building in Rome is well covered by Sabre's great range of indoor and outdoor options.  We are also adept at tapping into the history, style and energy of Rome and other locations in Italy.​  One of our best business games is even called "When in Rome"!

Sabre has designed and delivered some great solutions for conference and incentive groups in Rome. The city is a wonderful location for a meeting or conference, and it's history is also a rich source of inspiration for creativity, sucess and leadership. 


The style and fashion of this great city can lend itself to sophisticated indoor business games like our "When in Rome" or perhaps a "Fashion Fiasco" team catwalk challenge or "Picture Perfect" painting activity?  


Out and about options include such ideas as a "Rome Amazing Race" that can incorporate elements of the Forum, Colosseum and famous film locations around the city, or a  "Quest" tailored to incorporate famous sites of the city.


The game "When in Rome" is hard to beat when looking for a good choice in this famous city.  Teams journey into the colour, excitment and Empire building of 1st century Rome in this sophisticated business game.


We have enjoyed the occasions when we have run this great game that is actually set in 1st Century Rome adjacent to the actual historic sites of the city itself. 


It adds a very stylish and relevent dimension to a conference or meeting when meaningful links can be made between the Roman history and the theme to actual behavioural and business messages.

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