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Download our easy to use Guide to Team Building Ideas, or scroll below and click a theme genre for brief samples of our many themes and styles.  We have many more team building ideas to suggest offline.

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Selecting the best team building ideas


Many people including Executive PA's / EA's will be tasked with sourcing team building ideas for their meetings and off-sites.  


Regrettably a quick Google search can yield hundreds of confusing options and unless the search terms are narrowed somewhat, you'll get everything from lawn bowls and Zumba to laughing yoga and freefall parachuting.  


Ideally when you are seeking any ideas for team building or team development you'll have some aims and objectives in mind as well as the actual tastes and limitations of your audience.  What suits one group, may well not suit another. 


Selecting the best options from the myriad team building ideas that will come your way can be tricky, but a well worthwhile exercise to make sure that you get it right for your people.  Getting it wrong can have serious consequences for the relationship dynamics within teams, your credibility as an an event planner, and in some cases for the actual safety and OHS of your people when outdoor options go wrong (due to weather, poor providers or ill-planned physical stress and strain).  


Things to have in mind include.....


A/ Demographics of the team

Taking into account the ages, gender mix, nationalities and professional profile of a team is important.  What will they like doing? What might they hate doing?  


B/ What have they done before?

Is there any overt feedback or office gossip on what may have proved effective or ineffective in the past?


C/ Budget and duration

What's realistic to match the available budget and duration?  Trying to hammer the proverbial "sqaure peg into a round hole" will eventually frustrate both you and your potential providers.


D/ Seasonal matters

Give very careful thought to average temperatures and rainfall for the destination you are planning to have your team building ideas delivered at.  Extreme heat and cold can have a big impact upon people, not just in terms of morale, but also physical comfort and safety.  


E/ Are the team building ideas backed up by a solid and experienced provider?

Even the very best of ideas can prove to be an utter disaster if those claiming to be able to deliver them cannot actually do so safely, reliably and professionally.  Check their track record very carefully indeed.  Anyone can have a website these days, but how are things run behind the scenes and most importantly, for you on the day?


The easy solution is to contact us here at Sabre.  


We have been designing world leading team building ideas since 1988, deliver globally and work with client teams from all levels and of all sizes.